Founder Story: Woody Sears

Founder Story: Woody Sears


Do you love the adventure and freedom of the open road? So do we.

We created this product because we are travelers and we’re big fans of the American road-trip. Learning about the places we travel is also part of the fun. Often, while on a highway or interstate, we’re curious about what we’re seeing out the window.


We’ve set out to answer these questions (+others) and make the traveling experience more enriching and further connect us to these places. It is important that the stories are easily accessible and engaging which is why the stories are the right length and played at exactly the right time.

When my three kids were really little, it was a challenge to have them strapped into car seats for extended periods of time. When they got to be preschool age, we made it easier by using our narrated storybooks on iPads to keep them entertained. Now that they are elementary school kids, I really love the idea of being able to experience the new places we’re driving through as a family instead of the kids with their heads down on a device. HearHere™ is the perfect solution to that problem and allows everyone to hear well-produced content about what we’re seeing out the window during our trip.

After we completed the beta, I knew HearHere™ needed a world-class storyteller, so my first stop was Kevin Costner. Kevin’s love for history and stories was a very natural fit. He immediately related this to his own family and how much he wanted this for his own use. Kevin travels from CA to Colorado with his family every year and they choose to do it by car. Those car trips are filled with fond memories as well as a problem. Kevin loves to stop at all the historical markers and share that history with his kids but the kids aren’t nearly as excited about this. The kids are eager to arrive in Colorado and start their vacation and find the historical markers dry and have a hard time relating. Now, with HearHere™, they can get that history while they are in their car, told at the perfect time in their drive without even requiring a stop.

The stories in HearHere™ are told in a much more interesting and accessible fashion so that the kids will be asking to stop at some of these points of interest because they’ve had their interests piqued BEFORE they’ve passed by the site.

Our team grew up taking road-trips and we have continued that tradition by taking our own families on road-trips. We’re doing everything we can to make HearHere an essential part of the ultimate road-trip for you too!

Founder and CEO, HearHere™

Woody Sears

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  1. Hey Woody,
    For all of us who love to get from here to there In life; this is such a worthy and fantastic effort for you and your team to help richly fill in our historical and cultural past to the present day anywhere we hit the road! (I assume it will be heavily crowd sourced or Costner will be beat.)
    Continued best wishes and can’t wait to see ya out there, Wood.
    ~Mike Kenna

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