Kevin Costner

Founder Story: Kevin Costner

Founder Story: Kevin Costner


HearHere does many things, but our goal is very simple. To draw you in and offer up the history of the region unknown or forgotten.

I have a habit of investing in ideas that catch me. The idea has to make sense, but the team behind it is just as important. I learned about HearHere and met Woody Sears through an introduction by my wife who pitched me on the concept. When we took a deeper look at the idea, it was really playing into just what I do.

I love stories. I am the guy that stops at the historical markers along the highway - usually bringing moans from everyone in the car. But it was this continuing curiosity that I began to think HearHere could satisfy without anyone having to leave the car. Why couldn’t we replicate every marker along the highway - even expanding from the usual paragraph in bronze that always left me wanting more.

I am in love with history. I am in love with Country. I am in love with all the edges, all the disappointments, all the progress - all worth knowing. The truth will always be more interesting than the lie - and HearHere gives us the opportunity to reveal it.

The most important thing to me, and why I chose to be a part of this idea, is that we agreed as a group that no matter the region, we would always start with the history of the first people and the stories of first contact. It’s not only our responsibility, it’s our obligation to understand and to pass on faithfully the stories of the people who flourished here for thousands of years. 

Legacy is important to me - and the idea that HearHere could preserve our collective experiences in an unflinching way was - for me - the greatest opportunity of all.

We’re launching HearHere with stories for California, Oregon, and Washington. Soon, we’ll canvas the US with more than 10,000 stories for you to enjoy. 

We hope you’ll consider spending time with our stories during your next journey.

Kevin Costner

Co-Founder HearHere

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  1. Es hermosa la aplicacion, y quiénes viajamos para conocer los distintos puntos de un país se hace interesante en su historia y la actualidad para entender su seguridad y placer de estar en ese o cualquier lugar. Gracias por compartir el concepto y su expresión en hearhere

  2. Great worth of this idea.
    *TRUTH of happened events
    *JUSTICE done the history
    *HOPE to learn and correct human error in the past.
    HearHere everywhere in the world, maybe in Italy too, as I said in a Direct Message to @kevincostnermodernwest, it’s my dream.

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  7. This is so brilliant. Come to Idaho. There are so many historical markers all over the state. We could hear story after story through any drive along highways 75 or 95!
    This is very exciting.

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  8. Great idea as I am one of those guys that will stop and read the markers….if they are still attached. So many have been stolen and I assume sold for their value of the brass they were cast in.
    Next to the stole/missing ones I also get upset by the taggers that for a reason that is beyond me have a need to deface like the one I saw a few weeks back at a turn off on the 80 on the way down from Tahoe.
    A Californian since 1944.

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      All the HearHere stories are safe in the cloud : )

      Looking forward to hearing about your experience with our app as a longtime Californian Frank!

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