7 Great Ideas for the Best Road Trips for Couples

7 Great Ideas for the Best Road Trips for Couples



Road trips are one of the most popular activities for couples, and that’s no surprise to us. 

The shared experiences you make along the way and the trials of the journey itself are bound to bring you closer to your loved one. 

However, a great road trip won’t plan itself. You’ll need to be intentional to get the most out of your travels. We’re here to help with answers to some of your biggest questions!

How do you keep things fresh between the big stops? How can you maximize your chances for bonding experiences? How do you get the most out of the places you go and the time you spend getting there?

Today, we’re talking about some of the best ways to enhance your romantic road trips. We’re combining general tips with some more specific ones, too, but these can be applied to any journey you take. There’s something here for everyone!

This isn't an all-encompassing guide, but these ideas can elevate your experience into something truly wonderful and memorable. Read on to prepare for your best couples road trip yet.

#1. Don’t Be Afraid To Stop

It's a fact of modern life that most of us are just moving too fast. There's nothing wrong with quick living at times, but sometimes, you just need to slow down

When you’re on the road, unexpected stops can be some of the most rewarding moments. While some amount of schedule and planning is obviously needed, there’s nothing quite like a flexible, spontaneous stop or detour.

In larger groups, spontaneous stops are harder to agree on and will likely leave you with some unhappy campers. It can also be more difficult to keep everyone together, and it takes longer to unload and load up again.

With just you and your partner, however, the stops you make offer some of the best bonding experiences you'll have along your trip. There’s something about being spontaneous together that brings people in a close relationship even closer. Give this idea a try!

Finding the Cutest Spontaneous Stops

Not sure how to find good chances for spontaneous stops? Afraid of wasting your time or being disappointed by overly mundane detours? Never fear – we’re here to help with that, too.

As you go, be on the lookout for local spots like non-chain gas stations, diners, and convenience stores. These might be the stops you need in and of themselves, but inside you’re also likely to find some local folks who will (more often than not) be happy to tell you what’s interesting in the area.

Technology is also your friend when it comes to finding cool spots. You may not want to be glued to your phone constantly digging for points of interest — but that’s where Autio is the perfect road trip companion.

With our Autio app, our experts have handpicked the best stops you’ve never heard of. When you’re nearby, we’ll let you know with a nifty notification, and an informative audio clip about the place to boot. Autio is the best way to find memorable detours with minimal disruptions to the rest of your trip.

#2. Take on Challenges

One of the biggest reasons to take a road trip — whether as a couple, by yourself, or in a larger group — is to expand your horizons and get out of your comfort zone.

In many ways, every road trip you take is an exciting challenge: a challenge against the physical distances and obstacles between you and your destinations, a challenge of endurance, a challenge of patience, and much more.

Take this even further. When traveling as a couple, challenges throughout the trip will strengthen your bonds even further. We’re not talking about flat tires and bad weather – we’re talking about enjoyable challenges.

Basic examples include challenging each other to try things you normally wouldn’t do. Few people have the ability to push a person’s will and courage to heights like their closest loved one.

Sometimes this looks like trying new foods, going bungee jumping, spontaneously swimming at a random spot along a river, or doing karaoke at a bar you stopped at for dinner. 

Comfort zones can be important at times, especially if the primary goal of your trip is to relax and unwind. Still, breaking out of them can not only enhance your experience, but also help you grow as a person and couple.

#3. Learn While You Travel

Whether you’re traveling on one of America’s great highways or taking the back roads, there’s a plethora of rich history and culture waiting for you at every turn – although it’s not always easy to find.

At Autio, we’re big proponents of lifelong learning, so keeping that process going while you travel is a win-win. Travel offers unique opportunities beyond textbooks and plaques, letting you see and experience things as you learn them and connect with them firsthand.

Expand your knowledge even further by stopping and talking to locals. Ask questions and stay curious. Go off the beaten path, and look for the learning that may not be plastered to the front page of Wikipedia.

One of the best ways to find deeper learning and connection in your road trip travels is with Autio. Our experts have curated thousands of sound clips narrated by some of your favorite voices, ready to keep you connected as you travel.

These clips are here to answer the questions you may not have thought of about the history and people of the places you pass through. Whether our app teaches you something new or simply inspires you to go ask more questions, it’s the spark of learning and curiosity we aim to keep alive!

Plus, you’ll find our stories a great way to stay entertained as you drive.

#4. Don’t Forget To Have Fun

This seems like an obvious idea, but it needs to be mentioned. 

Whether you’re planning your first road trip with your partner or you’re a veteran of the road, it’s all too easy to lose sight of having fun.

With all the logistics and challenges surrounding a road trip, what some may call the “nitty-gritty”, pure enjoyment sometimes takes a back seat. 

We’re certainly not encouraging anyone to completely ignore the practical elements of your road trip (doing so will likely spoil all enjoyment). The key here is intentionality, mindset, and communication.

The beauty of road tripping as a couple is that you can support each other as you go. Two is better than one, and together you can keep fun in frame through your entire road trip. Just establish this intention from the get-go.

You’re probably thinking that this sounds great, but there are some actual steps missing. Let’s talk about those now!

Entertaining playfulness and letting go of the seriousness we get locked into during everyday life is the first step and opens many doors. 

Don’t be afraid to turn things into a game (spotting the most yellow cars is a favorite). Get creative if that’s your thing, and don’t shy from things that may otherwise seem a little embarrassing.

This is easier said than done, but letting go of your pride will make your road trip so much more fun. Being in a couple and doing so together makes things easier too!


From unexpected stops to trivia and challenges, there are lots of excellent ways to enhance your road trips as a couple. 

Adding Autio to your list elevates your experience even further, keeping you curious and entertained wherever you go. For more helpful travel guides and services, always check back to our Autio blog!



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