Covid-19’s Impact on Travel

Covid-19’s Impact on Travel

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The whitepaper “COVID-19’s Global Impact on the Travel Industry” indicates some specific advantages for HearHere™. A little positivity goes a long way right now, and the following highlights from the document are very positive indeed; at least for us.

—Drive destinations and domestic travel will pick up first after bans are lifted since they are viewed as the safest options, both health-wise and economically

—Install penetration for top travel apps in the US has remained relatively unaffected throughout lockdowns, implying that consumers anticipate travel will pick up again sooner rather than later

—Domestic travel in all areas affected by COVID-19 has held on longer than international travel, and it will gain traction more quickly when lockdowns start to lift

—When travel bans lift, we expect drive destinations to pick up first, as they were the last to fall off.

-—Consumers will feel safer traveling inside the country than abroad and have more practical reasons to do so.

Read the full white-paper here:

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